Online Teaching: What does it have in store for women in India?

The idea that online education would bring some sort of democratization or larger reach seems like an incomplete picture of what is to come. It is important that we understand the problems and the kind of further marginalization online education would bring.

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Germs, Stains and our Pure Society

Author : V. Geetha We were obsessed with germs, even before Corona came upon us. Check out all those advertisements for sanitary items that clean floors, kitchen surfaces, clothes – and the running theme is getting rid of stains, germs, intrusive little critters of all kinds, all sufficiently and cutely demonized. And Corona has given […]

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Statement of Politically Mathematics Collective on COVID-19 Policies

While modelling exercises such as these will be evolving and ongoing, and every scientific exercise has levels of uncertainty and bias embedded in the design, there is a concern regarding the overwhelming importance of numbers in this discourse. History has taught us, that the value society places on a life lost to disease, depends on the value society placed on that life when alive. We are concerned about whom, in this pandemic, society has chosen to protect, and who it has decided to lose in the process.